365 Project - February Faves

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Ok, ok, I know this is long overdue - it's almost April and I'm still looking back to February.  Time to live in the now!  February was a fun but busy month for my family capped off with a trip to Florida to visit my parents.  Since this project is about improving my shooting and editing skills, I'm not necessarily taking a new picture every day (a bit of a cop out, I know), so don't be confused by the flowers and sunny cottage lake scene below when this is supposed to be February images.  Why was February so cold anyways??


The image below is an orchid that's been growing in our living room for months now.  I don't know how it's lasted this long, but it seems to be doing really well.  I've retouched this photo to look a bit like a painting, making it saturated and a little fuzzy looking.

There's a special bond between a mother and daughter.  I'm a pretty special guy to have these two in my life.

The one day in Florida we travelled to the coast, a thick fog rolled in, making for a pretty drab day at the beach.  The fog was so thick that cruise ships weren't able to come into port until it cleared the next day.  It made for some interested scenes though, like this one here with the pelicans on the dock.  Again, this one was retouched as a painting to simplify the lines and the detail of the water.  I'm not sure why anyone would paint in black and white, but I liked how it turned out.


I have a small collection of vintage cameras and when one of my best friends asks if I want more, I jump at the offer!  He had found some of his grandfather's Kodak cameras while cleaning out his basement.  The image below is the focusing 'system' of a Kodak Instamatic.  Definitely not the 61-point cross-type auto focus powerhouse of today's machines, this camera gives you two, yes two, options for focusing.  You have the ability to focus from 2-6 ft, or 6 ft and beyond.  A technological wonder!


Back to Florida, we spent a day at the Florida Aquarium in Tampa.  I might do a separate blog post just on this one visit because it provided a lot of great images of some pretty interesting creatures.  I haven't been to the one here in Toronto yet, but this visit has me very interested in visting more aquariums for sure.

Thanks so much for reading this far!

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