365 Project - January Faves

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A typical 365 Project is not a simple task to follow through and comlete.  The main idea is that you post a new picture each day, the goal being that your photography skills will visibly improve over the course of the project.  I tried this last year and failed miserably.  I wasn't happy with enough of my pictures to share a new one every single day, there was just too much stress.  It was too much, I tell ya!  This time around I'm trying again, but with a slight twist. 

My goal for this project is to improve not only my photography, but also my post processing skills.  This means, I can process old photos to make them new again, and not necessarily take new images every day.  Between a 9-5 job, an energetic 2 year old, and lots of projects around this old house, I don't always get to pick up the camera every day.  So it's not a traditional 365 Project, but it's MY project and I'll cry if I want do whatever I want. 

To give myself a little more incentive to keep the project going, I've decided I'll make a monthly blog entry about it and post up some of my faves from the previous month.  If I stop posting, feel free to yell at me and/or publicly shame me.  Onto the photos...


This is our kitchen faucet.  It's from Costco and I love it moreso because the previous faucet was total garbage and wasted a lot of water.  This one is shiny.  By not showing the full faucet in the image, it becomes a little more abstract and adds some interest.  Converting to black & white (using Nik's Silver Efex), and boosting the contrast adds to the shine in the stainless steel.  It was a pain in the ass to install.

Shiny!!Stainless steel kitchen faucet... so shiny!!

This is a rose.  Doi.  Shot in the morning next to a large window with my lens zoomed all the way to 200mm to isolate this flower from the others.  Girls love these things.

For the household projects mentioned earlier, this wrench will come in handy when I get frustrated and feel the need to break something.  Shot on our basement floor with 2 speedlights, the image was grunged up in Nik Color Efex (using the detail enhancer and tonal contrast), and colour graded in Photoshop.  Luckily, I have yet to need this wrench.

WrenchDirty old trusty rusty wrench

For this image below, I rested my camera on the table, messed around with the shutter speed, and nonchalantly took pics of my brother while he was enjoying his morning coffee.  He's half awake, rocking some decent morning hair, and probably won't be too happy that I'm sharing this here.  I've already written so much about the image now though, I can't possibly go back.  4 second exposure, edited in Lightroom and Photoshop. 

Morning gloryLong exposure test

I picked up this vintage camera in a pawn shop in North Bay.  It's a Kodak Duaflex IV, they were discontinued in 1960.  The holes you see on this side hold the optional flashgun which would fire a single-use flash bulb.  On the other side you have your film winder and shutter button, on top a door opens and you look down through the viewfinder.  The camera doesn't work, but it makes for an interesting showpiece.  

So that's it for this month, thanks so much if you made it this far!!

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